Specialty Businesses


Specialty Businesses

Our visionary nature, entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation has led to the launch of numerous specialty businesses within the company. Our subsidiaries and affiliates range from services that enrich our resident’s lives to B to B products that enhance our capabilities and vertical integration.

We took our pet-friendly focus to the next level and created Dog City to extend our hospitality offerings to our residents’ four-legged family members. Dog City offers pet concierge services which includes pick up and drop off services, veterinary appointments, daily report cards and expert consultation of behavioral concerns.

When our condominium purchasers began to understand that their homes had even more sophisticated systems and care requirements than their luxury automobiles, we created our Home Expert service program to help them care for this most important physical and emotional asset.

And, when we developed 520 West 28th, Zaha Hadid’s first luxury condominium property in New York City, we realized we had the perfect space for gallerists to co-locate. We created and opened High Line Nine, taking a hands-on approach to supporting gallery businesses and offering a new model—a hybrid between a museum, gallery, art fair and showroom.

We also fund and own manufacturing, engineering and construction resources that enable us to design innovative sustainable solutions, deliver on our cutting-edge design and architecture and secure our supply chain for our customers and end users. We established and built New Hudson Facades in Linwood, Pennsylvania not only offering us superior curtain wall systems manufacturing and design services, but creating hundreds of local jobs.

Our involvement in these specialty businesses allows us to deliver exceptional added value to our customers, investors and communities.