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Related’s Jeff Brodsky shares diversity insights

On May 8th, National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) released a Code 53 podcast episode featuring Related Vice Chairman Jeff Brodsky and Nariet SVP for Social Responsibility & Global Initiatives Ayris Scales. NMHC Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Strategic Initiatives Betsy Feigin Befus moderated the conversation, which explored the challenges that real estate developers face to diversify their supplier networks in the multifamily residential space. Brodsky shared how diversity can be an advantage and a strategy for developers, as well as how Related is working with its partners to assemble DE&I best practices that can then be used by other companies. Brodsky also conveyed how Related is measuring the impact of its DE&I measures, which is resulting in a more diverse supplier network and is leaving a lasting mark on the real estate industry. Click here to listen to the podcast episode.